Our Approach

Acer Landcare(s) approach is to offer quality service at a reasonable price and to show our customers that they will get the best service that we can offer every time we step on your property or deal with your questions or concerns. While we are not always the cheapest price in town, our customers know that we will not leave their property until it looks like it is our own and they will get the best service with the highest QUALITY products we can offer. We do our best to never leave a property substandard, we treat every property and property owner like it is our  number one top customer and that is why our customers come back to us. The larger fortune 100 or 500 companies are always worried about the numbers and what they can do to squeeze more money from their customers and while we all have to make money to stay in business, it is not always the most important thing in business or life. Acer Landcare believes that having our customers return year after year, treating our staff and customers with the utmost respect and knowing we left the property in the best shape we could, is what is important to us and why we continue to do our very best every day.

Our Story

Our President, Founder and Chief Operating Officer started his professional career in the Lawn and Landscaping Industry as a laborer pushing a mower and digging ditches in the montgomery county maryland, Washington, DC Metro area and the shores of the Chesapeake bay in 1986 and by 1994 he worked as a cable installer/technician, customer service representative, UHaul dealer and an Auto body Technician and back to the Lawn, Landscaping and snow removal industry working his way to the Operations Manager of one of the largest most respected companies in the Potomac, Maryland and Washington, DC metro areas while obtaining his Certified Landscaping Technician certificate and Pesticide applicator License for Turf and ornamental through the maryland department of AGRICULTURE . In 1998, he left for another large and respected Lawn and Landscaping company serving the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metro areas across to Hagerstown, MD as the Operations Manager in charge of the Maintenance Division. He continued until 2002 when he joined one of the largest Mowing, Lawn, Landscaping and snow removal companies in the country as a Branch Manager starting a new Branch in the Baltimore, MD metro area where he also started taking classes at the local college in Horticulture and General studies as well as many others all the way in Orlando, FL within the company for Business, Management and Operations. He worked there until 2005 when he decided to start his own Landscaping company called Acer Landcare Inc. and ten months into this journey with the company flourishing and going strong, he had a terrible motorcycle accident where he broke his back and suffered a in-complete spinal cord injury causing him to become a partial paraplegic confined to a wheelchair. While recovering from his injuries and learning how to walk again using full long leg braces that he still wears today and a lot of therapy, he contemplated whether he could or would ever be able to return to work much less be able to continue running his company and after a lot of thought, discussions with his employees and help from his doctors, therapists and family, he decided to try at least part-time in more of an office role than a Field Management or owner and returned one year and one month after his accident in a slightly different type of company and role. He joined the third largest Tree, shrub, lawn, landscaping, Deer Deterrent and Plant Health Care company in the country as a part-time salesperson. While working there and still going to therapy three days a week for many years, he obtained his Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) License, Maryland Tree Expert Licence (LTE), Professional Fertilizer Applicator licence, Auto Mechanics certificate and many courses in Management, Business and Operations and after over eight years with them in the roles of Sales, Operations Manager, Branch Leader, and then finally Branch Manager for the Mid-Atlantic division for Residential, Commercial and Government contracts, he left to return to his love of owning and operating his very own Lawn, Landscaping and tree care company called Acer Landcare, LLC and the rest is history!



Founder & COO

Kevin has gained and carried in his career his:

  • CLT (Certified Landscape Technician) license

  • L.T.E (Maryland Tree Expert) license

  • Certified Pesticide Applicators license for Turf and Ornamentals

  • CTSP (Certified Treecare Safety Professional)

  • Professional Fertilizer Applicator license

  • Advanced First Aid Certificate

  • Advanced CPR Certificate for children and adults

Did you know that Kevin has been a partial paraplegic for the last 12 years and can only walk with a left and right kafo(Knee, Ankle and Foot Orthosis) that has to be replaced every one or two years at a cost of almost $20K, just so he can continue to walk and do what he loves the most, landscaping, mowing, owning and operating his business and spending time with his family. Also, only a handful of his customers and former employers ever knew about this until now because he has never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him or give him any favors just because of his condition. He wanted to prove to himself, his family and the world that his medical condition does not define who he is or what he can do and if you believe in yourself enough and work hard,  then you can do anything you put your mind to.



Mary Alice Kaplan

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Mary Alice works with Acer Landcare part-time and has worked in the Lawn and Landscaping Industry since 2009. She brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the table with over 40 years of experience running an office in the Real Estate Industry as well as being an Real Estate agent for 30 years, not to mention has raised 6 boys by herself while doing so.






Field Crews